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VGB PowerTech e.V.

Operation of Wind Power Plants in Cold Climate 2021

27.10.2021 - 28.10.2021
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Betreiber Energieanlagen, Hersteller Anlagen

Infos zur Veranstaltung

VGB PowerTech I Wind
VGB PowerTech e.V. is the international technical association for generation and storage of power and heat. Since 2001 VGB has provided a growing platform for more than 52 owners and operators of wind power plants for sharing experience and knowledge at a high expertise level. This platform includes different groups dealing with technical, operational and environ-mental topics. Currently, more than 130 experts are actively participating in VGB wind power committees.

VGB Research Project
“Comparison of blade-based ice detection systems”
A comprehensive field test was launched in spring 2016 by VGB together with its member companies being active in the field of wind energy. The main objective of this project was to install and test four blade-based ice detection systems on the same wind turbine and during several winters. Meteotest has been mandated to lead the project and evaluate the results of the field test. The field test was carried out between 2016 and 2020 at the wind park Stor-Rotliden, which is located in Åsele Municipality, Swe-den. The wind park consists of 40 Vestas V90 wind turbines, which are non-heated. The wind park is owned and operated by Vattenfall AB.


VGB Members 270 Eur
VGB Non-Members 370 Eur
Universities, authorities 150 Eur


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Art:Onlineseminar / Webinar
Themen:Windenergie, Offshore, Erneuerbare Energien
Zielgruppen:Betreiber Energieanlagen, Hersteller Anlagen